Getting creative at the gym

I ambled back to the gym today after the few weeks ‘holiday’ in the North East’s sun spot Billingham (View of the fabulous town centre.) and eased myself back into the routine of… Continue reading

Re-vamping my writing space

‘Where does Katie sleep? Hanging from the rafters?’ –          Comment from my brother’s friend when I visited my parents. I’m now un-settled back in Carlisle (the boyfriend doesn’t return from his fun in… Continue reading

Like Eve and Wrapping up work

Wrapping something up is one of the hardest things for me to do. A few weeks ago, I entered the Tall Lighthouse Poetry competition with ten poems from a collection of twenty themed… Continue reading

Going into the Garage

I needed to root out old diaries for a project I am currently working on, therefore needed to venture into the garage and forage through heaps of old and musty but still loved… Continue reading

Advice from the wide awake owl

American Cheques for writing Word of warning: if you are sending poetry/prose/whatever-your-writing-may-be to the USA or Canada please, please, please make sure that you have them send a cheque for British Pounds or… Continue reading

No, I don’t want to write about it (yet…)

This past weekend has been one to rock and shake the senses and emotions. I’m a rather fragile thing when it comes to family affairs and visiting family I haven’t seen for years… Continue reading

Vampires and Creative Visualization

Where to begin. How about yesterday. I volunteer as a helper during sessions to assist teenagers with their writing in Newcastle. It’s a sensational project run by New Writing North Which involves… Continue reading

Ink and paper deer on the duvet

I have become fascinated with wildlife and its link to folklore and spirituality and intend to carry out tons of research to help me develop my understanding of it all, in order to… Continue reading

At long bleedin’ last

Right, I came back where I started. I’ve tried them all…live journal,, etc, etc etc, but this site just tugged me back. There is just something about it that I really like.… Continue reading

Hello world!

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