Do what I didn’t

I had my sister and Mum in town yesterday, presenting me with lots of fabulous gifts including Russian dolls (which I have a complete adoration for) and notebooks and pretty boxes and pumpkin… Continue reading


I am having two further poems published. They will be appearing in the Teesside Artists Journal. ‘Flamingo’ and ‘July 7th’. I am over the moon, and it has made the migraine pain easier… Continue reading

Closing down on students

I shall start with the good news…I am having the poem below published in an anthology called The Book of Ten. I am absolutely thrilled. Ten Months You cruise the sitting room, one… Continue reading

E-baying little parts of my past

I am setting up an account on E-bay to sell little pieces of my life. (Past.) So, much of today was spent photographing this little pieces of who I used to be. I’m… Continue reading

Beyond Me

I don’t know if anyone else experiences this, but when someone you love isn’t around i.e. Jake is in France, getting along with stuff you promised yourself you would be getting along with… Continue reading

Waves of rabbits

It is alarming the things we miss when we fail to look properly. Take the picture ‘Uprisisngs’ below by Kozyndan the joint pseudonym of Los Angeles-based husband-and-wife illustrator team Kozue and Dan Kitchens.… Continue reading

bat for bat

Instead of building my own universe this morning, I cleaned instead. I hovered more spiders up than I dare to say. I never intentionally hover the little ballerinas up. I feel heartbroken when… Continue reading

Next year and all that

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future.  What I want to do for the year after Uni when Jake is still studying. I have come up with two firm options that I… Continue reading

Like Eve – New Edit

There are always things that can be cut.  Here is a revised version of Like Eve. I’m certain there is probably more to snip away but here goes anyway. Like Eve I find… Continue reading

Getting the most out of crystal glasses

And no, I don’t mean glugging wine from them. For a start, I don’t drink. The picture below shows a purple, crystal glass which I drink from when I am writing. I fill… Continue reading