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On Putting Together A Short Story Collection

Many moons ago, when I was in my early teens, I read a piece of advice which I’ve always tried to stick with. I can’t remember the exact wording, but basically what it… Continue reading

Do You Write?

Does your heart have a space reserved for the folklore of Scandinavia? Do you write poetry or prose? Could you create a piece of writing about the creatures that dwell in the mountains,… Continue reading

The Dying / New Flash Fiction

The Dying I can hear the knobbles of my sister’s spine knock against the wooden floor of her bedroom as she sits up and lies back down, over and over. She’s on her… Continue reading

Terminal / New Flash Fiction

Terminal   When the Dr told me it was terminal, the sound of my breath became distant. It felt as though my internal organs had dissolved, and my bones had somehow sneaked out.… Continue reading

Future Publishing Endeavour

I’ve been publishing the work of other writers since I established my first magazine Beautiful Scruffiness in 2009. Since then, I’ve published the work of over 100 writers in four different publications. In… Continue reading

100 Happy Days: Day 20 – It Was The Hardest Thing To Do

Today I warned my family that my mood could well turn out to be more unpredictable than normal. The reason? I’ll tell you the reason. The reason is because I needed to go… Continue reading

New Short Fiction – Cabin Pressure (Rough First Draft)

Cabin Pressure   “So you haven’t seen her for three years?” “No. Long time, huh?” “Sure is. She showing you New York?” “Oh, like totally. She’s taking me everywhere! And tonight, for dinner,… Continue reading

New Short Fiction – Ritual (Rough First Draft)

Ritual I can feel every bump of every root, as they slowly maneuver the wheels of my bed across the paths I tended to for nearly all of my eighty three years. I… Continue reading

New Short Fiction – The Seconds Are Long

The short pieces of fiction that I’m putting up will be included in a new collection of writing titled ‘In The Hours Of Darkness – Writing On Death & Dying.’   The Seconds… Continue reading

New Fiction – The End

The End   I thought about not coming today. When your mother called and said that you wanted me to do it, I wanted to Facebook you with an excuse. I wanted to… Continue reading