New Five Minute Poem / Summer In Oslo

Five minute poem.

Summer In Oslo

I remember the first night of summer in Oslo,
exchanging easy conversations with my Norwegian
housemate Kristian, a gentle giant with three kids,
a soft voice and a holiday home in Sweden.

I remember Kristian pronouncing angle
as angel when we talked ‘photography.’

I remember not having it in my heart to correct him.

I remember expensive rhubarb juice and taking
tiny sips, while Viking ships and skyscrapers
reflected in the wetness of Kristian’s eyes.

I remember walking home past a roguish
statue of Pan. I remember walking past
The Royal Palace. I remember one of
the windows being open. I remember
wondering if the princess had become curious.

I remember buying the last packet of
rosinboller from Kiwi, and being eyed
by a blonde mother with a blonde toddler
who called everything he touched Mama.