End Of Summer Creative Update

Autumn has crept in over the past week, and I’m delighted that it’s here. I haven’t spent a lot of time outside recently, because the weather has been pretty wet and grim, but I managed to dodge a shower this morning, to find that the trees have been busy shedding, leaving small hills of butter coloured leaves all over the footpath and road. I love the smell of autumn. It fills me with anticipation as we’re getting closer to my favourite season – winter.

With the changing of the seasons, I thought it would be a perfect time to reflect on what I’ve accomplished over the summer. A project which I am extremely proud to have finished is a book on death and dying, entitled ‘In The Hours of Darkness.’ Once it was finished, I immediately started a new one, a short story collection with the title ‘In the midst of Extraordinary Things.’ I also started a new, exciting collaboration with graphic designer Anya Grainger. Anya is responsible for putting together the first issue of a new magazine publication to accompany my blog Wyrd Words & Effigies.


Summer saw the establishment of Nordland Publishing with a good friend of mine. Since we established Nordland, we’ve have new people join the ranks, and have our first publications waiting just around the corner

10599503_1489294534641964_8395587354288128603_nThe light months also bore witness to art created under a pseudonym, Tora Wolff.





The New Heroes & Pioneers published a number of articles of mine, including this one and this one, and my blog Wyrd Words & Effigies featured an interview with Ragnar Bragason, the director of the Icelandic film, Metalhead.


Wyrd Words & Effigies saw the introduction of Fashion Witch, a second self who explores dark fashion in numerous different ways.

BeFunky_FashionWitchEditorial3Fashion Witch Finds 02I’ve also written a lot of poems for my up-coming collection ‘Textures of Winter’ one of which you can read here. Although it’s been a challenging summer at times it’s also been an extremely productive one. Bring on autumn is all I can say!