Fashion Witch

I’m currently looking for opportunities to model and feature dark fashion clothing, jewellery and accessories on my blog Wyrd Words & Effigies. If you are a designer who leans well over into the dark side, why not take a look around the site. You might find that your wares fit perfectly.

Wyrd Words & Effigies has had a strong focus on dark fashion since the very beginning and recently I introduced Fashion Witch to the fold. My goal with Fashion Witch is to celebrate fashion for the damned, and promote the designers and stores which conjure up the very best in dark fashion. I hope that in the near future, Wyrd Words & Effigies will include self-photographed modelling features for designers I admire and follow.

The top I’m wearing has been fashioned from an old scarf and necklace is handmade by myself out of fox bones and silver chain.




BeFunky_FashionWitchEditorial2.jpg BeFunky_FASHIONWITCHEDITORIAL5