Interview : Ragnar Bragason, Director Of Metalhead (Málmhaus)


Films like Metalhead come along once in a blue moon…if that. This portrayal of an emotionally wounded young woman, who finds solace from her grief in heavy metal, is one of the strongest, most poignant films I’ve ever encountered. I feel exceptionally proud to feature this interview with the director of Metalhead, Ragnar Bragason.


When was the idea for Metalhead conceived, and can you recall what inspired the idea? Also, how long was it from the initial plan to the first screening?

I’ve carried the intention of making a film that would incorporate metal music and its history, or at least a part of it, ever since I started as a filmmaker in the 90’s. It’s a part of me, growing up as a kid inspired by the music. As Metalhead is my fifth feature film, the story didn’t present its self to me until around 2009 when I…

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