Today is one of those days. I’m finding moments of it almost comical, I have to say. About half an hour ago I was going through my daily job hunting plod, when I just sat back and sighed one of those ‘kill me now’ sort of sighs. I was rather like the cat you see here.

My day started off alright. I worked on my short story collection and what have you, but by this afternoon, feeling somewhat uninspired I was just like ‘God dammit, I just don’t wanna do anything!’ I hate these kind of days with a passion. I’m a workaholic, and my best days are generally when my ‘to do’ list is blacked out with biro. Fuck, this blog post is boring, isn’t it. Hell, I’m hating myself right now for slamming it out and making you guys read it, but hey ho. It might connect with someone else who’s finding today a total fucking drag.

I’m trying to haul myself through the rest of today’s ‘to do’ list, though I have a feeling I’ll end up looking something like this by the time the evening swings round.