First Full-Length Short Story Collection / The Beginning

Yesterday I started work on my first full-length short story collection. I was feeling ill and so decided to take things easy and just create without pressure. Turns out that when I do that, inspiration tends to flood my way. Looking forward to sharing the process with you…starting from the conception yesterday. 🙂 For this collection I’ve been really inspired by the Tove Jansson’s fiction as well as the short stories of Sarah Hall.


All ideas have to start somewhere…


s3.jpg Gathering some prompts to get me started


Mirel Wagner – discovered her yesterday. Perfect music to assist creativity.


I made this list of musicians to check out months ago, back in the UK, and bought it with me the Norway stashed at the back of a new notebook.

s8.jpg Writers need a treat every now and then to keep the thoughts flowing and sugar levels up…this is mine.


Cup of Yorkshire Tea. Compulsory.


So this collection has, so far, been really hit and miss. But I discovered two tales which have been massively inspiring: First Love, Last Rites by Ian McEwen and Patriotism by Yukio Mishima.