Stumped For Inspiration?

So, you’ve seen the callout for poetry and prose submissions on the theme of Scandinavian folklore… (I’ve inserted it below, just in case) but you’re stumped for inspiration. Perhaps trolls don’t do it for you. Well, I can help you out there! There’s much, much more to Scandinavian folklore than just trolls. It’s an unbelievably rich topic, with mountains of potential to inspire memorable creative writing.

Below, you’ll find links to get your brain all fired up, including links to some poems which I’ve written on the subject. Have a quick browse through this lot, and I can guarantee that before long your head will be swamped will all kinds of ideas. So, get creative and good luck!

P.S. Don’t be put off writing about trolls! Trolls are epic! And I for one am eager to see who can conjure up an original troll tale. I’ll be waiting for your submissions!

P.P.S. Type ‘Tumblr Scandinavian Folklore’ into Google and you’ll find masses of stuff!


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