Future Publishing Endeavour

I’ve been publishing the work of other writers since I established my first magazine Beautiful Scruffiness in 2009. Since then, I’ve published the work of over 100 writers in four different publications.

In 2009 I endeavored to establish a publishing company by the name Slice of the Moon. Unfortunately I didn’t get very far. Trying to do such a thing by myself was, I discovered, really quite stupid. My head is a creative head, not a business head.


My lack of business know-how didn’t prevent me from creating, editing and publishing a whole host of unique publications, crammed with some extraordinary writing talent…though not just writing talent. I sourced out artists and crafters and thinkers and adventurers. I uncovered designers and teachers and musicians. So I know I can find creative gold in all sorts of forms.

My fear of business can, I think, be traced back to my long-term fear of numbers. My fear of numbers has been around for as long as I can remember. I used to be mocked in math lessons and would often skive off school so I wouldn’t have to attend the class. My head used to be a vacant space when a teacher would put a sum up on the board. I would look at the numbers and they would swim. I just couldn’t hold them in my head, no matter how hard I tried, and believe me, I tried. Nothing made me more unhappy than mathematics.


In 2012 I was approached by a start up professional at a literature festival in Middlesbrough. We got talking and I told him about my attempt to set up my own publishing company. After a few minutes he simply said ‘I’ll do Slice of the Moon with you.’ I should have known not to trust him when we met up for coffee and he said ‘by the way, I generally fuck any woman I take into my office.’ For the record, we didn’t fuck. I wouldn’t have done so if the survival of mankind depended on it. Anyway, I decided to shrug off his comment and move forward with our plans. Within a week or so we have a business plan sorted, a website on the go and support from local start up firms willing to give us advice and, potentially, funds. We put a call out for submissions and had one novel come through which stood out a mile. It was bestseller material and we arranged to meet up with the author and discuss taking him on. We met up. Things went well. We said we’d be back in touch once we’d decided what we would be able to provide in terms of a publishing deal…then everything fell to pieces.


My business partner stopped replying to my emails. He stopped calling. It was only when I asked what the hell was going on, did he admit that he didn’t want to be involved and was backing out. He left me in the lurch with an author hanging, waiting for us to approach him with an offer. I had to email him and explain the bad news.


Since then, I haven’t made an effort to establish Slice of the Moon again. I’ve continued publishing, just not putting things out under a brand. But recently, I’ve started thinking about it, and if I’m being honest I can’t get it out of my head. I want to establish a new company in the near future, and I would like to cater it to my passions, the passions I know many others out there share including black metal, the north, the Arctic and Antarctica and the paranormal. One of the platforms I would like to make available is for horror set in Scandinavia and the poles. There’s not enough of either out there for English readers, and personally, I am constantly hungry for more. I would like to set it up under a different name and start completely from scratch. I’d like to establish a company which caters for those people who struggle to find exactly what they’re looking for. I want to publish books that will appeal to those who are mysterious and complex, who society look twice at. I want to bring talented writers out from the dark…for a little while at least, until they need to start work on their next book.

If I have roused your curiosity with anything that I’ve mentioned, please feel free to get in touch. If you think you know someone who might want to be involved in such an endeavour, send them a link to this post. If you have any comments or suggestions, fire away.