100 Happy Days: Day 20 – It Was The Hardest Thing To Do

Today I warned my family that my mood could well turn out to be more unpredictable than normal. The reason? I’ll tell you the reason. The reason is because I needed to go through every single one of my books, every single one and deciding which were worth keeping and taking back to Norway, which were sold and which were given to charity.


Some of my books

Now, for someone who has been on the planet since 1986 that’s bound to be something of a task. And yes, I do still have books that I was blessed with on the year of my birth. The photos that you see here shows a small sample of my bounty. I’ve told my mother that she’s to keep hold of the books from my childhood…because one day I might want them for my own kids, and if I leave them with the family, then, well, it’s slightly less weight in my luggage this time around.





Book from my childhood

Now, for the record, I’m emotionally attached to all my books, so I needed to spend a few minutes with nearly every one in order to decide if it was ‘moving on’ or not. I’m terrible at abandoning books. I mean, I really, really suck. So for me to have filled three bags for life with my babies, well, that’s something I consider an enormous achievement. My mother actually said well done at the end of the day, and gave me a hug.








Another book from my childhood

I’m really quite foolish sometimes. Yes, I readily admit it. I have a pile of about twenty five books in my room which I plan on reading and then giving away before I head back to Norway. I’m leaving for the Far North in less than two weeks. How the hell I expect myself to rattle through a pile of books that goes halfway up my bedroom I have no idea.


And another

I’m selling off some of my paper babies tomorrow at a poetry event. I know most of the people going, and I’m hoping, really, really hoping that some of them will pick some of them up and take them home. That way, I know they’ll be going somewhere where they’ll be loved and not shut up in a dark space under the stairs.






One of my favourite books from my collection