100 Happy Days: Day 17 – Out With The Old






Waking up and feeling confident and happy in my skin was a good way to start the day…especially as the afternoon involved something which I despise doing, and that’s going through old stuff and deciding if I want to keep, bin or sell it.

Rooting through my junk was one of the reasons I had to come back to the UK for a little bit anyway, but it doesn’t make doing it any easier. Basically my parents don’t want my stuff taking up space in the garage and loft, gathering dust when I’m no longer in the country, which is fair enough.

Anyway going through school books and old diaries, baby clothes (yeah, I planned ahead) and stuff was exhausting work. I ended up binning 99.9% of my university work, a ton of diaries and heaps of writing that I’ve done over the years. It was really quite an emotional thing to do too. I found myself getting repeatedly agitated when I paused over if I should keep a school book on geometry from when I was eleven, or a hand written poem from when I was fifteen.

In the end, I think I was good when it came to binning stuff I never would have looked at again anyway. I used the question ‘am I going to pay to have this shipped over to Norway?’ If the answer was no, into the bin it went. My mother says I ought to feel as though it was a cathartic experience. I don’t feel that right now…maybe it’ll come in a few weeks when I’m packing my suitcase to head back to Norway.