100 Happy Days: Day 11 – Memories And Contentment


Happy lady today




The woods I used to play in as a child




Where I used to live as a child


My happiness today came from all corners, including a wonderful email from one of my editors asking how many articles I would be able to contribute next month because they are ‘really fond’ of the way that I write.

I was also reminiscing about ‘the olden days,’ back when I was under double figures and the summer holidays went on forever. I was extremely lucky as a kid, as we lived right on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors and a hop over the garden fence and a sprint across a horses paddock would bring us into ‘the big woods.’

I was thinking about cold chocolate nesquick, and how we were allowed to ‘play out’ until dark. I was thinking about the hours we would spend seeing how many times we could go around the block on bikes. I was thinking about tomato soup and buttered bread for lunch and building dens in the woods. I was thinking about when we took a Ouija board into the trees and spoke to the dead, and the day-long bike rides I would go on with my sister, a bottle of Robinson’s Fruit Barley and some jam sandwiches. I miss childhood, it has to be said, and warm days like today just bring it all back, with swop after swoop of emotion.

I know I’ve mentioned before about having a love/hate relationship with Facebook, but at the moment I bloody love it and I’ll tell you why. Last night, as I was half mindlessly scrolling before bed, I happened to come across a video of baby goats. 44 baby goat. 44 baby goats running. Now, I give a 110% guarantee that if you’re having a horrible day, these little ones will pick it right up. Watch. You’ll thank me.




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Margrove Park Ponds Walk-01- Hillside Views.