100 Happy Days: Day 10 – Secret History of Norway…



This morning there was something really rather awesome waiting for me on the doormat – a copy of Terrorizer’s Secret History of Norway from a good friend of mine. Featuring exciting stuff like ‘What is was like to be part of black metal’s second wave in Norway’ and ‘The Art of war: The imagery of Norwegian extreme music.’ Naturally my spirits were lifted pretty damn high and I put the magazine to one side to read and enjoy after a hard day’s work.


“As the darkness creeps over the Northern mountains of Norway, and the silence reach the woods, I awake and rise…Into the night I wander, like many nights before, and like in my dreams, but centuries ago under the moon, under the trees into the infinity of darkness.”

– Emperor.


“Anger rideth with the one that knows no fear, who’s eyes like fire, who’s hearts like ice. Spirits rideth with the ones that knows no fear. They are the sons of northern darkness.”

– Immortal.