100 Happy Days: Day 8 – Notebooks & Cats



Day 8



Notebooks. I’m obsessed with them. Mine comes with me everywhere. If I don’t have my notebook with me when I leave the house, I feel as though I’ve lost a limb, and am generally fidgety and irritable until I have it in my presence again.Today’s happiness is primarily sourced from starting a new notebook. I have simple needs, I know! I generally have one notebook for everything, from writing my ‘to do’ lists to scratching down the first line of a new poem. I’ve tried having multiple on the go at the same time, but it doesn’t work all that well. The only notebook I have that’s for one thing and one thing only is my notebook I used for my Norwegian language practise. But time will tell if that one too becomes an ‘everything book.’

More happiness was sourced from finding the cat after sitting for twenty minutes wondering why I could hear him and not see him. Eventually I discovered that he’d snuck it’s way right under the duvet and had flattened himself out making an almost undetectable lump. He wasn’t best pleased to be found…