100 Happy Days: Day 7 Music And Family



Wow, so I’ve been happy for an entire week! I can’t quite believe it. Sure, I had moments when I felt my mood tip, but I managed to bring it back to the surface and tended to it until it was comfortable and bright again. I’m extremely proud of myself! To be honest, I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt. Choosing to do this 100 Happy Days thing was a fantastic idea. Other important things have contributed towards my happiness as well, including thinking only positively about my future and listening to the advice of my friends.

There are some specific things today that have made me feel wonderfully good, including spotting that some tracks from a compilation CD that I’ve been waiting for had been uploaded onto You Tube. The CD I’m talking about is called ‘One and All Together for Home’ and is released by Season of Mist. This is the first CD I’ve ordered in ages, so decided to only let myself listen to one track. The one I chose was En Hymne Til Urd by Norwegian pagan black metal band Kampfar. The track itself had a rich, traditional Norwegian feel and the time-honoured Kampfar sound. The reason I only chose one was because I want to fully enjoy the experience of listening to it using my actual CD player. I want to close the curtains, light some candles and lie back on my bed and immerse myself in each and every track for the first time – mar two – with no internet distractions.

Just in case I’ve roused your curiosity, here’s some information about the CD from the Season Of Mist website:

The eight participating bands are expressively linked in their artistic output to the culture and history of their respective countries of origin. Therefore they represent eight different regions of modern Europe: Ireland (PRIMORDIAL), Ukraine (DRUDKH), Finland (HÄIVE), Norway (KAMPFAR), England (WINTERFYLLETH), Netherlands (MONDVOLLAND), France (HIMINBJORG), and Portugal (AVA INFERI).

Yet they find common ground in the different musical traditions they explore. Each artist employs their own means to find and present their roots to the world. You will find interpretations of traditional songs, cover versions of folk artists or the use of themes and melodies from their musical heritage in original compositions.

In the words of a participating artist: “The idea behind this compilation is a coming together of like-minded artists from all across Europe in an attempt to rediscover the history and traditions of their respective areas of origin; through the medium of traditional music”, explains Chris Naughton from WINTERFYLLETH. “Given that Europe has a particularly strong folk heritage all the bands contributing to this release are drawn from a broad range of countries that make up the continent; each with their own unique musical style & traditions to explore. One way that folk music has endured throughout the world’s turbulent history is by people coming together and sharing the stories, tales and folklore of old; re-creating the melodies in a way that is relevant to them in the now. This compilation brings together eight artists, who have a strong historical interest and a pre-existing link to the music of their respective homelands.”

Something else that’s made me feel wonderful is my brother’s making me laugh, especially my youngest brother, who also told me to stop being so hard on myself when I was feeling bad for not getting done all that I wanted to. I have the most thoughtful siblings. I’m really damn lucky.