100 Happy Days: Day 2 – Hlaupið Heim Postcard


happy days 2 again

One of my main expenditures whenever I go travelling is postcards. Hlaupið heim – Heading home has been in my line of sight for the past five days after I rooted it out of a box. (I’m currently in England picking and choosing which parts of my life I want to take back with me to Norway and which parts I want to bin, sell or recycle.)

I have no idea why I haven’t been carrying it around with me since 2011 when I bought it in Iceland. I guess when I first bought it I was insanely protective over the corners and keeping it smudge free. But after discovering how it’s made me feel – bloody euphoric, by the way – I’m going to reconsider what I do with my postcards in the future. Keeping them immaculate in a box or on the wall might not always be making the best use of them. (Sometimes I send postcards I’ve bought, but this is once in a blue moon…)

The photographer behind this magnificent shot is Icelandic photographer Ragnar Axelsson. I was first introduced to his work in 2009 and he’s stayed put at the top of my ‘favourite photographers’ list since then.

Everything about this postcard reminds me that I’ll be going back home soon to Norway. Right now when I look at it, it provides me with the most gorgeous, warm feeling of elation. I feel connected to these magnificent animals thundering across the snow. I share their eagerness for home.