100 Happy Days:Day 1 – Yorkshire Tea Out Of My Favourite Mug





I often find myself falling in and out of love with Facebook, and have, more than once, deactivated my account with the vow never to return. However…sometimes I see things which makes all the aggravation worth it. The other day I noticed that one of my friends was taking part in something called 100 Happy Days and I thought to myself ‘that sounds good for my mental health.’

What it involves is basically taking one shot of something that makes you happy every day for 100 days. The goal behind it all is to find the little things that can lift you up and make you smile. There’s a website where you can register and all that, but I decided against doing that, and am just doing it of my own accord.

Today’s happy thing is tea. Yorkshire tea to be exact. (I’m in England for a little bit, so am making the most of Yorkshire Tea while I have limitless supplies!) I take it strong with one teaspoon of sugar and a splash of milk. I always try and go for a specific teaspoon to measure out my sugar and I have to have my tea as soon as it’s made. No waiting around for it to go lukewarm. I’m a true Yorkshire woman when it comes to my tea. In Norway, I drink Lipton Yellow Label Black Tea. I can’t recommend it high enough for English folk who are missing the taste of home. It’s worth the extra kroner, believe me. As you’ve probably guessed, tea is something I absolutely refuse to skimp on.