Inspiration At Oslo Central Station

Inspiration for writing is everywhere…including Oslo Central Station. The other day I was in Starbucks drinking a cup of (terrible) tea and happened to catch sight of a couple quietly breaking up in front of the destination/arrivals board. Despite the sadness of the situation, I couldn’t let the opportunity to be inspired pass, so whipped out my notebook. Here’s what I created.



I’m sat with a mug of pale tea,

watching a couple quietly breakup

in Oslo Central Station.


He strokes the small curve at the bottom

of her back, moves to gently shift a piece

of hair lingering against the hollow of her cheek.


She allows the connection, briefly, then shifts

backwards, a flesh and bone torpedo.


His hand caresses the air she seconds ago occupied.


Her face crumples like a soft napkin.

I know this moment well.


Her body will want to vomit emotions

and intestines. Her throat will have

become dry, as though thick with

dusty stone.


I imagine her mantra

don’t cry for him, don’t cry.


Slowly, the distance widens.

Her feet are arranged in such a way

that at first glance she seems in control.


If you hadn’t been there from the beginning

you would have thought nothing was wrong.


They’re both wearing clean converse.

He has a bag between his feet.


Their eyes dart across each other’s bodies,

from temple to knees to hips.


He kisses her without tongues.

Her hands stay by her sides.

I can see them shaking.


Her chin and bottom lip are trembling.

Her heart will need a crutch.


I take a sip of my tea, look back.

They’re both striding off in different

direction. I wonder about the aftershock.


There will be no more I’ll come to your place

conversations, or slow foreplay moving

into something quick and hot and rough.

No dreaming big together.


In their place, is a man opening

a banana at the right end, next to him,

a child wearing a burger king crown.