Long After – New Poem (Rough First Draft)

Long After

Long after you’ve forgotten my face,

I will remember my breathlessness

that first time I saw you.


You were fumbling with your keys

in the hallway, curses soft under your breath.


You didn’t notice me when I walked past.

I moved purposefully slowly so you might.

Though I couldn’t have moved fast if I’d wanted to.

You made my knees fragile as glass.


I will remember how my heart

struck the walls of my chest like a bull whip,

how much I wanted you to look up.


Long after you have forgotten my voice,

I will remember how you made my bones flimsy

when you opened your mouth to ask for the price

of six avocadoes, while I stood behind you

in the queue trying to hide the contents of my basket.


Long after you have forgotten my body.

I will remember the morning you accepted

my friend request, and how I waited an entire

day, hands poised over the keys, thighs growing

numb waiting for a conversation that I knew

deep in my gut would never come.


I saw you vanish in the pale hours last week,

I missed you before you turned the corner,

you had already forgotten my face.