Lover Of Life/New Poem (Rough First Draft)

Lover Of Life

I’ve held one of death’s hands

and I don’t want to hold the other

until I’m at where the river ends.


Please excuse my sporadic nature,

but my spirit is impossible to domesticate.


You’ll be pleased to know I’m working

on making sure smiling is the first thing

I do in the morning. The last thing I do at night.


But in case you’re anxious, here are some

guidelines on what to do when I crash,

and here’s a magnet so you can put

them on the fridge.


I love tidying up after a good celebration.

Having eight different aches after a hike.

I love it when even my skin wants to be

seen. I love the aftertaste of sleep.


Sometimes, I love life so much

my body buckles.


I love life too much to decay early.