When Solitude Becomes A Storm/New Poem (Rough First Draft)

When Solitude Becomes A Storm

My eyelashes are nails on bark loud

against my bed covers, and the rain

sounds like heavy footsteps.


You’re not here to kiss my shoulder,

gently say ‘hey, are you falling asleep?’


It’s hard to alter the course

my heart wants to take.


I wear the memory of you like

a warm coat tonight. A warm coat

with a bottle of liquor in the inside pocket.


Outside, the moon has soaked

up the rain, and the night is starting

to get beautiful again.


I remember there was something

striking about the veins

in your forearms.


I want to trace them, gently press

the pale blue, healthy pipes.


I’d like you to know what my soul

tastes like. I want our bodies to get

drunk on each other.


I want the moonlight to spread

to everything so I can find you again.