Snow Through The Post/New Poem (Rough First Draft)


Snow Through The Post


I want to send you snow. I want to select the most beautiful


crystals, put them loose in a tongue sealed envelope.


I wonder how your heart would react.




I fell this morning, on a road  smooth as cream.


I lay for a while, relearning how to breathe, and as I did,


I thought of you, and when you let  my fingers feel through


thin, cool, hospital sheets, to your heart’s irregular beat.




I stopped the tears while they were still just a sheen on my lenses.


Before I left you’d said to me ‘don’t cry outside.’




As the winds waltz with the snowflakes I wanted to send you,


I remove my top. I twist my head, watch tiny bruises emerge


across my backbone like rapidly running ink spills,


and I wonder how your heart is.