In The Moment/New Poem

I selected a number of first lines from the ‘Seven Ages’ poetry anthology and mashed this together. It wants to be much longer so expect to see a few drafts of this particular baby.


In The Moment

Your expression while you read is the same

as when you’re sucking popcorn kernels –

that concentrated, determined look

that makes a thunderstorm of my heart.


Now, after we’ve decided to ‘just fucking do it,’

there’s time for everything. We let hearts leap

before they look. There are no more sad steps

in opposite directions. No more hollow moments.


You tell me that when we’re old, you’ll refresh

my memory with your smile, until you can

once more see the candles of my eyes. 


I tell you at night, when worrying keeps your brain

busy, I’ll guide your focus back to where it belongs,

and kiss the lids of your eyes asleep.