The Space Between Moments – New Poem

The Space Between Moments

When I wake, the silence is so utterly complete

that the sound of my own breath is too loud

and I crave a second heartbeat.


I hear my bones shift one way, then the other.

They’re unsettled. 


There are no familiar footprints in the snow.


When I outwit ice on the road, and manage

to stay upright, there’s no one around to see.

I say nice one to myself, you’re getting good at this.

I speak really, really quietly.


Before I left, you cradled my hands in yours.

I ran the tips of my fingers over the ridges

on your nails, and remembered how doing so

used to soothe me as a child at times of stress.


You told me how proud you were,

and how you wish you’d said it more often.


It’s been snowing for two days straight now,

and the space between moments stretches.