First Poem Of 2014/Mutual Struggles

Mutual Struggles

When you’re going through

a season of drought, when laughter

is trapped between your ribs,

and can’t find a way out, I remind

you of your brilliance, and I tell you

to lose yourself for a while, reshuffle.


I remind you how to enjoy the full moon,

when magic works its hardest

and the world is transformed.


I remind you that I achieve accuracy

with everything I do when you’re around me.


Then, when you plant your lips, soft

as warm butter on my skin,

I embroider the widest smile.


When my thoughts absorb horror,

and I shed my destiny like old,

broken skin, you tell me the North

is visible, if I look hard and long enough,

out across the waves I’ll see it.


You clean my mind, the same ruin

every time. You clean until it’s my decision

to breathe again, and the day becomes

one we can leave behind.


The outcomes always justify the struggles,

and you always leave me high on adrenaline,

as if I’ve just downed the first water after sex.