Long Time No Write

Well, it’s been a good while since I’ve written an actual blog post, but it’s with good reason! In the past few weeks I’ve been setting up profiles on sites such as Elance and Gumtree, and have been applying for freelance work left, right and centre. I’m really proud to announce that I’m now a web contributor for Zero Tolerance, a magazine which specialises in extreme metal. I’ve wanted to write for them FOR YEARS so this is something really fucking special.

I’ve also been selected to write for Planet Ivy, a news and culture site for young people.  And there’s a chance I might be holding some workshops in therapeutic writing for the University of Teesside Student Services. My work at Destructive Music is, I believe, going from strength to strength, and  to date, I’ve written 89 individual pieces for them. (Reviews and interviews.)

I have a long list of freelance work to apply for tomorrow – primarily blogging opportunities – and I tell you what…I’m feeling really, really excited. Excited about getting up in the morning and cutting my nails so I can type faster. Excited about starting the day and getting stuck into what I have to do. Excited about being alive. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know I’m a manic depressive and life over the past few months hasn’t really been that great. But right now. Right now, I feel better than I can remember feeling in a very long time, and it really is fucking wonderful.

My friend and editor today said that he knows I’m happy when I’m busy, and it’s so true. I really am. I love having all of these new writing related responsibilities. It makes me feel like I’m worth something, that I’m not a waste of space. It makes me feel as if life, for once, is actually working out for me.