Watching The Sky Change

Last night, just past the witching hour, I turned my laptop off and went to bed. But, due to the fact I hadn’t had my meds for a good few days (see my previous post as to why…) my head would not shut the fuck up and getting to sleep was, well, absolutely impossible. I tried everything imaginable to quieten my thoughts, but the same ones kept on hollering and I wasn’t getting any closer to slipping into any nice or nasty dream worlds.

But, my lack of sleep did, fortunately, introduce me to some quite wonderful things, one of which was banana flavoured Grace Instant Oatmeal Porridge. I thought, at about 3am that by eating some complex carbs, (plus banana is supposed to help induce sleep,) my body might just take the hint and drop. (I also added a cup of sweetened milk to this feast.)


My body appreciated the porridge, but did it drop? Did it hell. Before I move on, I want to play my part in getting this porridge known about. Now, I don’t know about you, but I didn’t know that porridge happens to be popular in the Caribbean. But this little tub of delicious delight ‘captures all the great flavour and goodness of homemade Caribbean porridge.’ And I tell you something, the Caribbean can give Scotland a run for its money any day because this – and remember it’s instant and made with water – is one of the tastiest, albeit sweetest things I’ve ever consumed. Ever. I don’t know where it came from, as no one in the house can recall buying it, but I want more! Looks like it’s going to be a Google job.

Another welcomed distraction was a book by life coach Ali Campbell called ‘Just Get On With It: A Caring, Compassionate Kick Up The Ass.’ I started it a few days ago, but found that most of the stuff he talked about I already knew, yadder, yadder, but last night I decided to flick through a few more chapters to see if I could find anything of worth, and I did, a chapter titled ‘What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?’ There were a few, particular sections which struck a chord, one called ‘Same Stuff, Different Day?’


The problem with doing the same thing day in day out is that you begin to get complacent and fatigued – and if you get stuck in a rut, that’s where you’ll end up. A rut is really a grave with the ends knocked out…

cards 1 

card 3

This resonated with me really strongly last night because I had just spent a day making greeting cards (to sell so I can raise funds to publish my literary magazine Beautiful Scruffiness) editing photos, updating my blog sites. If it had been any other day, I’d have been writing. And then some. But this dramatic change in routine encouraged multiple, great, creative ideas to bubble up and develop – plus, some really great pieces of work came out of it. It also made me feel energised, at ease and massively eager to create new, fresh work and share it. Ensuring that my days stay fresh isn’t going to be an easy feat. It’s so simple just to slip into a routine. But, I’m going to work at it because yesterday left me feeling like I can achieve absolutely anything.

You might be wondering if I managed to get any sleep. No. Not one wink. Instead, I watched the sky change.