Slice Of The Moon



Last year some charlatan approached me when I said I wanted to set up my ‘little business idea’ Slice of the Moon as a fully functional publishing company then pissed off after we had had a meeting with the author of a mind-blowing novel. That experience left me with a pretty big wound in my self-esteem. However, recently a little thought has been creeping round the edges of my mind and sneaking in whenever it gets the chance. That thought concerns Slice of the Moon, but this time it’s suggesting I try and publish books that are available to download, rather than printing straight off (Printing of course is an ideal and would be a later aim.) If anyone has any thoughts/ideas about e-publishing other peoples work, I’d like to talk about it. Maybe you know someone who has done this? Maybe you have a friend who tried and made it work? Perhaps you read an interesting article about such a subject. If you have any information regarding what I’ve talked about, please get in touch and pass on your knowledge. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.