Artificial Sweeteners

I was addicted to aspartame for well over a decade, and have now decided to write about the experience of coming off it. But to write a balanced article, I’m looking for people for and against the sweet white stuff. If you think you can help, please get in touch.  Also, if you think any of these questions apply to you, and you have the time to answer them, that would be brilliant and would help a lot with my research. Many thanks!
1.When did you start using aspartame and why?
2.Did you notice any weight loss weeks/months after you replaced sugar with aspartame?
3.Was there a noticeable difference in taste?
4.Were you aware of the dangers of aspartame when you started using it?
5.What were your first thoughts when you became aware of the health risks associated with aspartame?
6.Do you believe that the benefits of using aspartame outweigh the risks?
7.Overall, what are your thoughts on artificial sweetener? Would you ever recommend it or would you tell people to steer clear?