I am doing research into aspartame for an article, and am hoping to get some thoughts from individuals about their experiences with the sickly sweet substance. If you think you can help me out, please answer any of the questions that apply to you, either on here or via my email. Thanks very much! Your help is much appreciated.


  1. When did you start using aspartame and why?
  2.  Did you notice any weight loss weeks/months after you replaced sugar with aspartame?
  3.  Was there a noticeable difference in taste?
  4. Were you aware of the dangers of aspartame when you started using it?
  5.  What were your first thoughts when you became aware of the health risks associated with aspartame?
  6. Do you believe that the benefits of using aspartame outweigh the risks?
  7. Overall, what are your thoughts on artificial sweetener? Would you ever recommend it or would you tell people to steer clear?