365 Poems – 182: Everybody I’ve Ever Met (Rough First Draft)

Everybody I’ve Ever Met

I’m everybody I’ve ever met,

here, in London, under a bridge

I can’t remember the name of,

slowly eating a black spotted banana.


It was the only food I could afford,

from a little wooden stall, disguised

as something you’d find outside a

village hall in a rural part of the country.


I slowly sip tea out of a recycled

cup. It was on the board as belonging

to the builders.


Down here, they put two bags in.

Up North, we just leave one for longer,

then squeeze it dry, until it doesn’t

leave a stain between finger tips.


I’m everybody I’ve ever met-

unrealistic and starry eyed,

imagining what it would be like

to be able to afford that four pound

vegetarian scotch egg.


Then, do the unimaginable and meet

the Thames, face to face.

I imagine a peace under the water.


I imagine the grime on top

is just a reflection of our insecurities

and fears. Underneath, the water

is crystal clear, skulls and femurs clean.