365 Poems – 179 Dreaming In Sea Ice (Rough First Draft)

Dreaming In Sea Ice

It would seem  your memories

of me have no stem. I ask what

we did yesterday, you answer

with a couple of blinks.


I always think perhaps kissing

will make things better.


But your feet are always pointing

in the wrong direction. My mouth

always meets the back of your head.


I’m still dreaming in frost, glaciers

and sea ice, when you tell me your blood

is confused, and not used to being cold.

That my desire for a far northern home

is an echo of death.


You tell me my hopes are nothing

but a thick vein of stars, and suddenly,

you no longer thrill me with your

light-speed ideas or second chances.


I will venture to the far north, where snow,

stronger than the sun, will release

and soften these tight wounds.