365 Poems – 171 A Bright Abomination (Rough First Draft)

A Bright Abomination


She is not about anything normal.

When the world holds her limbs in

its mouth, and grinds its teeth,

when sadness has sucked her joy dry,

she runs to the shelter of the woods,

and there, she is all limbs and tears.


When she is ready, when her chaos

has solidified to a pile of moss lined bones,

when her desolation has become soft,

she opens her creaking lips, and drinks

moonlight like nectar.


They noticed her disappearance,

but drained words with their hands.


When she returns with her hair

in a brown paper bag, they whisper

about her knotted soul.


About how a man would be

untangling her forever, and that

they should approach with great caution

– if at all.

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