365 Poems – 166 The Outside World (Rough First Draft)

The Outside World

I remember when my hair was so long

I could tuck it between my knees.


I grew it so I wouldn’t have to see the world.

I remember understanding, from an early age,

that humankind was eating its own tail.


I’m staying put here, until my skin is thick

enough to withstand the outside world


At the moment, I’m thin and hesitant.


I curl in corners like I’m attached

by my umbilical cord, and there is

always this sort of calmness.

I usually fall asleep.


Last week, was a week of good stuff.

One nice thing after another.

I purified my haze for a little while.


But there is still a way to go,

until my soul is balanced,

until I can tie my hair up

out of my eyes.