365 Poems – 163 And how you continued to shine so beautifully (Rough First Draft)

And how you continued to shine so beautifully


We utilise the ruin of him,

and use up the leftover tortellini

in the fridge, the parmesan,

and pull his neapolitan ice

cream out of the deep freeze.


We eat until you say your body

is lined with more happiness

than you’ve felt in months.


We clink spoons and smile.

You don’t need to say

you’re happy he’s gone,

I can see it in your eyes.


When you have a familiar

crash, weeks later, you tell me

you’re still fragile, in confrontation

with the truth, willing even,

perhaps, to forgive him.


I say that would be just as useful

as digging up the dead, calm

in their rotting.


I provoke something uncommon,

and you stir in celebration.


You’re still thin, but your uproar

is savage, something I’ve never

heard before. It’s almost blood thirsty.


There is a girlish brutality about you,

a new, ruthless courage.

You will see winter through,

I have no doubts about that now.