365 Poems – 162 To Live (Rough First Draft)

To Live

Get council from the backwoods.

Fasten to the clot of life, it is one

of the things you can claim for your own.


Cradle your collapse when you collapse,

if you collapse. Embrace your savagery,

and dance, dance, dance with curiosity.


Lay aside quickly put together feelings,

and embrace those settled deep within your core,

the ones you have always known to be there,

but have always been to afraid to touch.


Swallow all neglect with cool water.

Unwrap the contents of your heart,

and lay them out on a cloth in front,

read them from left to right.


There is no need to reserve your exhaustion.

Curl and sleep and squeeze the earth

until it squeezes you back.


Cut holes in likeliness and live in tune

with the cycle of the moon. You are no

longer afraid of the dark. You dive straight

into it, and swim to the other side,

where there is a noticeable calm.


Question your palms, as you are

an expert on your healing.


Spit out the neglect you felt.

Spit out that need to piece everything

together. It will be a happy termination.


Forget about the circumstances

that made you clammy, that made you

want to grow talons, so you could keep

hold and not fall from  that great height.


You have calm skin now.

Look how it has settled on your bones.