365 Poems – 161 You And Other Circumstances (Rough First Draft)

You And Other Circumstances


You tell me I would

look perfect dead.


I fall deeper for you,

as if into the belly

of a blue whale.


I want to share

old ghost stories,

talk about places

we’ve been.


What we saw

when we climbed

the mountain,

and did a silent,

360 degree turn

at the top.


But you become

precise in your difficulty.


You cut back completely

on your euphoria, and

adopt this aura of

smooth arrogance.


You blot out

your effect on me,

and I sink down, as if

I’ve arrived late for life.


You’ve killed my spirit.


Just last week, we

were playing with dreams,

a calm force to be reckoned with.


I organise my departure

systematically, regaining

some form of control.


You in your reliable anger,

watch while I pack my jars

of spices in bubble wrap,


and place them gently

in a cardboard box

with my name on it.