365 Poems – 159 Ripening Observations (Rough First Draft)

Ripening Observations


One of the best thing about you

is the way you reflect silence.

I can sit in your company,

with no need to word anything.


When I’m with you,

I never regret breathing.


I love it how you often tell me

that it’s fundamental to daydream.


You are a calm force who

embroiders my catastrophe,

to show me where I’m going wrong.

Then you let me un-pick it with you,

and store away the threads.


Every morning with you

is a morning never seen before.


It’s not simple to slip below

some of our strange conversations

because you are always attentive.


When you die I imagine

you will decay so delicately.


You say that I

echo your strangeness.


You know how to carefully

dispose of my chaos in the morning,

by holding my head and slowly

kissing my eyes open.