365 Poems – 153 Approaching Shadow (Rough First Draft)

Approaching Shadow


When my fever cools,

you ask about my story,

like we only met yesterday.


I laugh. Then cry.

I’d never be able to tell it all,

between now and the end.


I’d like to live another evening.

I’d hike up into the hills,

no torch. I wouldn’t stumble.

I’m fluent with the way.


When I wake up again,

I’m back in your arms.

I know the end is close.


On the news, there’s a story

about grizzlies moving further

North, leaving sorrow in deep

claw marks on pines


We are warriors you say,

don’t be frightened.

Shadows come and go.


All I can think of are bears

moving further North,

and that sometime soon,

a shadow will pause over

my body, and suffocate me.