365 Poems – 134 Eigenzeit (Rough First Draft)



I need to slow down.

I’m at the edge of the mountain

and should sit here for a while.


I am part of the silence,

and need to embrace it.


I will not fall back

into the crashing, quick surf.


Slow is beautiful.


I need to live more deeply,

notice the colour of the sky,

the beauty of a trembling foot,

the forest pouring in through the window.


I should peel grapes with my teeth,

and watch bread cook in the oven.


At the start of a new day, I resolve to

notice the scent of the season.


I want to ring the legs of days

when I am unhurried, to remind myself

of the benefits of being remote,

hauling my wonder over to somewhere else,

where the scream of life is just a murmur.



Eigenzeit is a German word meaning ‘own time.’

Eigen = Own.

Zeit = Time.