Sketches Of Antarctica – Edward Wilson

Whenever I finish a book about the Arctic (or the Far North in general) or Antarctica, I feel this horrible surge of grief, and I immediately start to look for something to fill the rapidly growing void in my life. I’ll admit it now. I’m addicted. Some people drink. Some people smoke. I read books about cold places. If I don’t have one on the go, well, it’s best to be as far away from me as possible because I get crazy. Anyway. In those brief moments between finishing one book and starting the next I need a fix. So I turn to research, and these are some images I came across which were done by Edward Wilson. He accompanied Scott to the South Pole, and tragically died on the return journey. Hopefully you’ll get as much pleasure out of them as I do.

A sunset from hut point april 2nd 2011

A sunset from Hut Point. April 2nd 1911

and a melted ice at Hut point, sketched from Observation Hill (right)

April Sunset from Hut Point by Dr Wilson.

April sunset from Hut Point.

Birdie reading the thermometer

Birdie reading the thermometer.

cave in the ice barrier at Cape Crozier

Cave in the ice barrier at Cape Crozier.

dr wilson

exercising the ponies wilson

Exercising the ponies.

Great Ice Barrier, looking east from Cape Crozier

Great Ice Barrier.

Looking North from Cape Evens dr wilson

Looks out west from Cape Evans Dr Wilson

Lunar Corona Dr Wilson before they set off for the south pole

Lunar Corona.

Mount Erebus

Mount Erebus.

Mount Erebus Dr Wilson

Paraselene Dr Wilson