365 Poems – 121 Heading North (Rough First Draft)

Heading North

I kiss your cold face red.

It is approaching midnight,

and the sky has frozen hard.


I want to pocket your eyes,

or try to talk you round

to coming away with me.


To discover new things about

the ice, even though we thought

we had learnt it all.


I want you to be with me

during 1,600 hours

of continuous daylight.


My head is already installed

where the sea is like milk

spilt on the doorstep on a

freezing morning in February.


I want you to promise that you’ll

wander off course with me,

away from the rest of the world.

I want to show you how courageous

I can be on a regular basis.


My body curves like  a comma

when you are still undecided.


I am winter, in human form, and

if you eventually decide to head North,

it is there you will find me.