365 Poems – 114 Loose Ends (Rough First Draft)

Loose Ends

This mood swallowed

six weeks and threw

them up behind the curtain.


This voice sounds as if

it’s constantly going

deeper underground.


Answers are blanks,

and most nights I pull

screams out of my throat,

and lean against the wall

until it trembles.


Some days,

all of my strength

goes into turning

the light on.


I’m having that dream

again, where the lion

won’t kill me. It simply

laughs and walks past


I am as fickle

as a friendship bracelet,

and all the fairytales

I carried in my rucksack

have been dumped.


I stuff dates

with sleeping pills,

and put them back

in the bag, then in the drawer

next to my bed.


Jerky movements

are a big part of my day.

I angle my head at the wall

and hit it, until I feel anonymous again,

like the light has moved

towards me, then away.