365 Poems/104 Afterwards (Rough First Draft)


I am form, finally caught.

Without demand, what I have

would cease to exist.

The whole idea of being

would become severally ill

and die.


I am exploring this new life,

though sometimes

it is uncomfortable,

and I resort to want the most

ancient medicine,


and people. Though most

never seem to last longer

than the idea

of what it would be like

to be around me.


I am creating against the odds.

There’s something inside

that’s taking chaos

and turning it

into something comforting.


My darkness is like a grey wolf

at the border, sensing,

but not moving forwards

or back.


Away I venture at night,

defending my freedom,

the wolf watching.


My old curiosity wants

to beckon him.

My reservations

say please do not disturb.