365 Poems/97 Holding You Up (Rough First Draft)

Holding You Up

I would eat your bad dreams

to see that shy but grateful smile again.

I’m willing to navigate your imagination,

lasso those recollections of our first few kisses,

leave them in the field at the very front

of your memory.


Your flesh is not just something that can break

open and decay. It is a treasure map,

which I want to fully explore over time.


I have our future buttoned in my pocket,

if you want it. When we stumble on broken bits,

I’ll hold tightly to you, and not let go,

until things have become absolutely still again.


Let’s cut away the deadwood, get you strong enough

to make thunder jealous. To make wolves envious

of your wild shouts below the moon.


I want to be with you when you can scream,

then immediately relax and sleep.