365 Poems/79 Negative Thoughts (Rough first draft)

Negative Thoughts

If I let you stop and linger,

even for a little while,

you quickly sift through

my young thoughts,

and hurt them,

until they are useless

and rotting.


I let you set off

explosions, shatter

whole days like

glass bottles on thin ice.


You lift me above rooftops

by my hair, and drop me,

twisting and crying,

to a footpath,

where people look

at my broken limbs

but don’t stop.


But I have enough here

not to die, and you

don’t know enough English

to shout me down

every time.


I know

there will be

firm land soon,

but you won’t be able to see it.


You will be always

at a distance,

too far away

to do anything.


And I would be in the right place

to be in control of the storm

above my shoulders,

and in control of the organ

between my lungs

the size of a grapefruit.