365 Poems/71 Awake to life (Rough First Draft)

Awake to life

Don’t daydream within boundaries.

Daydream like you are smiling in the fast lane,

riding a Harley Davidson with the lights off.


Daydream like you have ventured out

into the black night with no torchlight,

and only an owl and the fox’s bark

to guide you through the woods.


Daydream like you are chaos.

Daydream, like you are able to sleep

in a bed of nettles.


Your escapism hasn’t been stolen. It’s here.

You need to toss it on its back,

and fall in love with it again.

Only when you warm it’s cold history

will it bloom and grow.


Hush hush, it’s perfect.

Can you hear the wolves now?

They’re howling because you told them to.