365 Poems/68 A Choice

A Choice

Really, it’s just one foot in front of the other.

But I feel as if I should have started preparing

several months in advance.


I ought to have towed car tyres for hours,

building up my endurance.


This is, for me, a monumental challenge,

with an unpredictable outcome.

I could stand and watch people

walk away for hours, while the freeze

nudged into my bones.


Out there is the most inconvenient

place on earth. Nothing there is simple.


But these strange thoughts

of being comfortable in the corner

of a coffee shop have been hounding

my head like hordes of skuas.


I admitted to myself that I was curious.

And now I need to make a move

towards putting my hand on the door knob,

turning and pulling until I have no other choice

than to step through and close it behind me.